Products Liability/Defective Product Claims

Products liability is a generic term that encompasses manufacturing defect, design defect, and failure to warn claims.  With nearly 20 years experience representing manufacturers in litigation related to their products, our lawyers have the expertise, insight, and professional judgment to effectively represent clients in the courtroom or through strategic dispute resolution.  Some examples of the products involved in the cases our lawyers have handled include:

  • Drilling equipment for oil and gas exploration
  • Batteries/battery packs for downhole drilling equipment
  • Platforms/scaffolding for aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft engines, airframes, and component parts
  • Plumbing pipes, valves, and systems
  • Motor vehicles and component parts
  • Construction equipment
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electrical fuses and equipment
  • Farming/ranching equipment

One of the challenges to successfully representing clients in products liability litigation is understanding key aspects of the design, testing, and manufacturing processes. Our lawyers have successfully navigated this challenge across a broad range of products and industries. Our lawyers also have significant experience consulting with scientists, engineers, and other experts to dive deeper into the technical, chemical, mechanical, or structural properties that make a product unique, which is essential to successfully litigating a products liability claim.  

If you need experienced trial lawyers with the background and tools to successfully litigate a products liability claim, please contact us today.