Consumer Fraud and Abuse

person-handing-over-keysHB Law Partners has specific expertise in representing clients in cases involving consumer fraud and abuse.  Our lawyers have more than 20 years combined experience defending car dealers, banks, lending institutions, and credit card companies in consumer fraud and abuse claims. And since we know how to defend these claims, we know how  to effectively prosecute them too. 

Consumers are constantly the victims of better-credit-card-photofraudulent, unfair, and deceptive practices by companies willing to take advantage of people to sell a product or service.  Examples of consumer fraud and abuse include:

  • Fraudulent sales activities
  • False statements about products, services, and financing
  • High pressure sales tactics
  • False and deceptive marketing/advertising
  • Bait and switch marketing/advertising
  • “Yo-Yo” sales tactics
  • Non-disclosure of “add on” products, such as extended warranties and GAP insurance
  • Failing to disclose important items or limitations in sale transactions
  • False or insufficient disclosures about sale or credit terms
  • Front-end sales fraud
  • Back-end financing fraud
  • Selling defective products
  • Non-compliance with state and federal lending laws
  • Non-compliance with express or implied warranties
  • Improper and defamatory reporting of consumer credit
  • Improper repossession practices
  • Debt collection abuse

Notable offenders in these areas include new and used car dealers, “buy here pay here” and “note lot” car dealers, banks and lending institutions, special and subprime finance companies, payday loan companies, credit card companies, and credit bureaus.  These companies are subject to extensive laws and regulations at the state and federal levels, such as Oklahoma Consumer Credit Code, Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Laws, Uniform Commercial Code, Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act, Truth in Lending Act, Consumer Leasing Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Magnusson-Moss Act, Truth in Advertising, and a host of others.   The lawyers at HB Law Partners are well-versed in these laws and regulations and can successfully navigate them to maximize the recovery for their clients. 

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or abuse at the hands of a company, contact us and put our experience litigating hundreds of consumer cases on behalf of companies to work for you.