Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose.

                                                                                         -Edward de Bono 

Choosing a lawyer is an important decision.  It is also a decision that individuals and companies often must make quickly, during tough times, and with limited information.  That is why we have identified core values that we believe are essential to providing the highest quality legal services−no matter the client or the case.  When you choose HB Law Partners, you can be confident that you are choosing a firm that is dedicated to upholding these values.


The chief complaint about lawyers in nearly every state across the country relates to responsiveness.  Lawyers can sometimes be slow to return phone calls, answer emails, or provide information about a case.  It is probably not surprising- life is busy and seemingly full of “emergencies.”   But the legal issues our clients face are important, and the stresses they cause often cannot be simply ignored for days or weeks at a time.  That is why we make it a priority to be accessible and responsive to all of our clients.


The practice of law was once held in high regard by nearly everyone.  But many people’s experiences have caused some to now question the integrity of lawyers or the legal system.  We understand this unfortunate reality, but we are unwilling to allow it to perpetuate through our practice.  That is why we are committed to uncompromising integrity, from dealing with our clients to interacting with other lawyers and courts.


Individual lawyers can be a real asset. But on their own, they are limited in experiences, perspectives, and ideas.  We believe collaboration with others makes experiences fuller, perspectives broader, and ideas sharper.  That is why we are committed to teamwork and embrace input from our colleagues and clients.


Like many other professions, the legal industry has developed standards for how services are delivered.  From the fee arrangements to the way cases are staffed and worked, there are practices that are often repeated with little consideration of other options. But legal services are not “one-size-fits-all.” We are committed to flexibility in our practice to ensure our services are customized and optimal for each unique client and case.

Continuous Improvement

Most competent lawyers stay on top of substantive law changes in their areas of practice, such as new statutes, regulations, and court opinions.  But the best lawyers are those who are also on top of advancements in the practice of law, such as new ways to present arguments, examine witnesses, and persuade juries.  Because the practice of law is always changing, the most effective lawyers must always be improving. We are committed to continuous improvement in our practice so our clients can be confident they will receive the highest quality of legal services available.